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- Manu Aravind
20 Nov, 2015
The international break is finally over and, as always, there are injuries. Carrick, Fellaini, Martial and Valencia have all been sidelined. Wayne Rooney, too is out with illness. The season has been long and completely unpredictable. The former champions Chelsea are failing miserably. United's matches have all been different from one another. At times, we've delivered classic performances worthy of being hailed as Champions and at other times, all we did was control possession with no intent of attacking. We always lost the ball at the final 3rd.

But in all of this, van Gaal has proved that the squad is capable. United have hit 3 games in a row with 0 - 0 in this time as well. We did manage to score 1 past West Brom before the break. And now, we face Watford without our big guns to fire. But atleast Memphis Depay and James Wilson would be given chances. Depay has at times shown glimpses of what he is capable of. He is wearing the Legendary no. 7 and he is naturally expected to deliver even more.

Another problem this season has been the lack of desire to shoot. Our biggest goal threat this season has been Martial and no one else. That isn't how Manchester United should be. If we roll back the years, one thing in common with all the squads was that United scored goals, and lots of 'em! Well, this season, it seems as though we've been more concerned with passing. We find the likes of Schweinsteiger and Rooney trying to create chances for others more often than trying for goal themselves. Probably if they went for goal right from outside the box or just inside, instead of passing in those areas, it'd b better. But then again, LvG calls the shots and hopefully, we're able to improve. The impressive thing this season is our defence. We're currently experiencing a remarkable run of clean sheets thanks to brilliant works by Smalling, Blind, Rojo, Darmian and De Gea. And so, we find ourselves placed 4th in the league table. A win against Watford would temporarily elevate us onto 1st place.